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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Country Citizens Are Showing Their True Colors

I have been here in this country of the United States from my birth, I have witnessed many atrocities and abuse, directed  mainly toward the African-American population, albeit, the Hispanic citizenry are experiencing quite a bit of  backlash from mainly Whites and more especially, those of the right-wing. Just recently, a judge from the state of Georgia is ordering the President to appear before him to answer questions concerning his Certificate of birth, and reading along with hearing mostly people of the White race speak on this subject of whether the President is duly eligible to be president of these United States, they [White folks] are foaming at the mouth with this highly educated president and most especially, looking at his potential challenger in the general election, whom I believe he [President Obama] will soundly defeat. Just a day or so, I even read where it was reported that some editor said; "He may have to be assassinated." This is indeed the stuff that America is known to engage in, if they will assassinate their own, it certainly is no surprise to me that someone will muster up the gumption [not common sense but boldness] to carry out such an act against a person of color. From Rush Lindbaugh to Sara Palin and everyone in between, their hatred for President Obama is greater than anything I have witnessed in a long time, I suppose their hatred of the slain civil right leader, Dr. Martin Luther King jr. comes as close as I can remember when their hatred were in unison and determined to put an end to what they saw as a threat to their way of livelihood. Even with Newt Gingrich, constantly  insisting that the President is radical and a socialist among other things to rev up his base supporters, and those that have hatred of the Negro race, then too, most White Americans, have a negative view of Africa-Americans, partly from their ancestors, their misguided  and misinformation along with Hollywood. Ladies and gentlemen [if there are any], we, I am afraid are about to go where even Little Red Riding Hood would dare to go.   

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